The greatest wealth of this part of the country where the merged region and Dobroudzha river and Dobrudzha plateau is definitely nature. The lack of ports panting and shiny yachts, so you can see lined fishing boats. Offers unique views and the largest protected area in Bulgaria "Kalimok Brushlen" extending 6,000 hectares and designed to protect one of the few remaining Danube wetlands and its unique biodiversity.

For IBAs have been announced and "The Wall" (BG31) near Tutrakan, where the largest colony of bee-eaters in Bulgaria, and "Pozharevo" which covers several islands near. Pozharevo.

30 km by car and 20 km by bicycle east of protected area "Kalimok Brushlen" in Tutrakan leads to another paradise of wildlife along the Danube. Protected area "Malak Preslavets" is one of the largest water catchment areas in Dobrudzha and is one of the last intact wetlands along the Bulgarian bank of the river. River. Lakes and marshes of the area are rich in fish, shellfish, crabs, reeds, mud and salt. Bird wealth counts 147 species, nesting of them are 82 species and more than 180 are higher plants, which are found around the area. The most important of them, however, has won the white water lily, endangered species listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria. Colonies of water lily occupy about 46 acres of the surface of the swamp, which is unique for Bulgaria. It can be reached by boats on the river, cycling on the Roman road along the river or by car.

With the financial support of the European Fisheries Fund and the Republic of Bulgaria through the "Operational Programme for" Fisheries 2007-2013 "project" Creation of new tourism products in the municipalities of Tutrakan, mergers and Glavinica field of sustainable development of ecological tourism and fishing "Association for development of tourism in the region of Tutrakan has developed more than 50 km long combined route for hiking, biking and water tourism.



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