The principal activities of the NGO Association for development of tourism in the region of Tutrakan promotion of Tutrakan and the region as a tourist destination, organization and conducting events and competitions, preparation of prospectuses and information materials of all kinds which serve to support the development of tourism along the lower reaches of the river. River and in particular in the region of the Municipality. The main objectives are: cooperation with state and local institutions and associations and organizations in the field of tourism; development and support of tourism in the city. Tutrakan and the region; implementation of projects to improve the tourism offering; raising awareness and improving knowledge about the latest practices and methods in the field of tourism; design and development of new tourist products; preparation of promotional materials, visiting fairs and maintaining tourist web portal. The Association has the following business related to its core: encouraging especially alternative forms of tourism; informatsionni- and training activities; creating new capacity for accommodation and restaurants.


Association members individually have rich and varied experience in the development and implementation of projects in the field of tourism development, media campaigns, environmental management projects.


The association has equipped offices, which leased. The office has a reception, meeting / training room, library. There is a common office equipment.



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